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What is Patterin?

Patterin is your one-stop-shop for learning, training, and resources on how you can self-publish your book.

Every blog post, guide, video, and course is designed with one thing in mind – to help first-time writers publish their book, and realize all the rewards of being a published author.


Cutting edge content for first time authors

On the Patterin blog, you’ll find how-to guides, success stories, interviews, reviews, tutorials,  and other resources developed especially for you to succeed.


Recommended tools and software

To be successful, you need the right tools. Here are the ones I use, like, and trust.

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Why Patterin Loves Scrivener


One-on-one support

Sometimes you need that extra help to navigate everything. As a writer, you likely love to read, but having one on one support can help you get results faster. If you are confused or daunted by the process of self-publishing let’s connect.

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